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opinioncomic asked: Thank you for not being afraid to say Game of Thrones sucks. It doesn't bug me that people enjoy it, but it's like Big Bang Theory where for some reason if you don't like it then it's because you're a grumpy person that didn't give it a chance and there's something wrong with you. Not liking Game of Thrones got me kind of alienated at work for a while.


WHOA WHOA WHOA let’s not compare it to Big Bang Theory. That’s a level of cruelty I’m not prepared to attain on this website.

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hyperzypherian asked: The guys that made Xenoblade are making a new "X" game for Wii-U. Will you play it? Are you excited? Do you care?


That’s my most anticipated game right now

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Interviewer: You once said that it was unfortunate your stepfather died before you had the chance to kill him. Why did you want to kill him?

Vince: The way he beat my mom, you know, and the way he treated me. I never gave up. My philosophy, that I learned probably then, is that in a fight of any kind, if I’m not dead.. I win. And he used to beat me unmercifully.


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