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Anonymous asked: You got Mega64 Podcast, you got the Gaming Cult Podcast, you got the Go Home Show, you got too many podcasts bro


Not enough podcasts. I’m starting a New Nerdist. It’s called the Newdist

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25 years ago, this graced television screens across the nation. It’s no wonder it became one of the most celebrated and highly rated and reviewed television shows ever! Well…out of the shows that were on T-NBC. Happy 25th Anniversary #SavedByTheBell!

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The guys from Mega64, now in cute little critter form. Derrick Acosta, Shawn Chatfield, Garret Hunter, and Rocco Botte. These were fun practice! More or less based these off of clothing they’ve actually worn. Shawn’s outfit is inspired by his recent autograph video, but the colors are totally invented.

I love Mega64, these guys are so great!

I want one